An emergency order prohibiting the sale, purchase, and transfer of wheat crops in the North

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The Governor of the Northern State, Professor Amal Muhammad Izz al-Din, issued an emergency order for the year (2021) prohibiting the sale, purchase, and transportation of wheat crops in the northern state.

That is in accordance with the provisions of Article (5) and Article (2/8) of the Emergency and Public Safety Law for the year (1997) and based on Resolution No. (273/2020) issued by the Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council regarding the declaration of a state of economic emergency and Resolution No. (128/2020) Issued by the Transitional Prime Minister on restricting the purchase of local wheat to the Sudanese Agricultural Bank and revoking the emergency order No. (1) for the year (2020) issued on 17/5/2020, provided that all procedures and decisions issued pursuant to it remain valid unless modified or canceled by the provisions of this The order prohibits the sale and purchase of wheat crops in the state from all authorities.

And wheat is sold and delivered to the Sudanese Agricultural Bank according to the concentrated price issued by the competent authorities, and it is prohibited to transfer any quantity of the wheat crop outside the state except within the limits of personal use.

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