Emirati “Silwana Dimon” wins the largest contract in South Sudan, with $ 5 billion To develop and implement infrastructure, health and education projects over the next ten years

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The Emirati “Silwana Dimon Group” succeeded in winning a contract worth 5 billion dollars to implement a number of infrastructure projects within the development plans of the Government of Southern Sudan to improve the level of services in it during the next ten years.

On Saturday, in Dubai, a partnership and cooperation agreement was signed between “Silwana Dimon” and the “AMOC” Investment Company, based in Juba in the Republic of South Sudan, according to which the Dubai-based Emirati company is implementing a number of government development projects in South Sudan in the field of infrastructure, energy, information technology, agriculture and food. During the next ten years, total investments will reach $ 5 billion.

The signing of the agreement was witnessed by Sheikh Firas Abu Hadeeb, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “Silwana Dimon Group”, Cor Delawak, Advisor to the President of the Republic of South Sudan and founder of “AMOC”, in the presence of Sheikh Nasser bin Sultan bin Majid Al Qasimi, the founding partner of “Silwana Dimon Group”.

During the signing ceremony of the agreement in Dubai, Cor Dilwak, Advisor to the President of the Republic of South Sudan, said: The UAE in general is a model to be emulated in comprehensive development over a period of 50 years, which is the age of the country that was founded by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum may God bless them and their brothers, the founding rulers of the Emirates, may God have mercy on them all.

He added: The Emirate of Dubai in particular is continuing its development movement in all economic sectors along with the urbanization and building movement, which made it the first global city, and then we see that the cooperation agreement with companies from the Emirates in general and the Emirate of Dubai in particular will bear fruit in building the state of South Sudan that seeks a comprehensive development, pointing out that cooperation with “Siluana Damon Group” will provide us with many of the necessary road steps to achieve this development during the coming period.

For his part, Sheikh Firas Abu Hodeib said: The group seeks, through its investment arms in the various economic sectors, to cooperate with the sister country, Southern Sudan, in establishing a number of projects that include building modern roads and establishing infrastructure projects and services in the sectors of health, communications, airports and information technology with the latest scientific means. Global, and therefore we seek to invest our expertise to support our brothers in South Sudan.

Abu Hadeib added: The agreement comes within the framework of participating in realizing the directions of the UAE and the visions of its wise leadership in building bonds of cooperation with all peoples and states in accordance with firm principles based on fruitful cooperation and seriousness in performance and perfection in work in the interest of the countries in which we work and which we need development in its basic structure.

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