Khartoum refinery is back to work and not destroyed

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The Khartoum (Geely) refinery returned to work yesterday evening after the engineers were able to fix the emergency malfunction and overcome the problems that led to the refinery’s suspension of work last Tuesday.

The director of the refinery, Engineer Mahjoub Hassan Abdel Qader, confirmed that the refinery will reach its full production capacity gradually within three or four days thanks to the efforts of the engineers and technicians working in it, who are qualified to deal with such cases and that the failure that occurred did not require the use of any expertise from outside the refinery in the first place.

Those who were excluded from it, let alone from outside the country.

He said that what was reported by some social media is pure fiction or a tendentious approach for reasons that have nothing to do with the public interest, and that portraying an emergency technical failure as a major disaster is a miserable attempt to disrupt the refinery after returning to operation after the completion of the periodic maintenance operations recently.

The director of the refinery ruled out the possibility of malfunctions as a result of deliberate sabotage, and renewed his high confidence in all workers who made great efforts to restore the refinery to work.

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