The electricity cuts will end next August and expectations of an increase in fuel prices

Sudan | Times of Sudan

The Ministry of Energy in Sudan expected the final end to the electricity cuts in August, while it did not rule out a new increase in fuel prices in line with the increase in the dollar.

The Ministry of Energy and Oil attributed the re-programming of electricity cuts after the month of Ramadan to the weakness in hydroelectric generation.

The Minister of Energy and Oil, Eng. Jadin Ali Obaid, said that the return of programming after Ramadan was due to the weakness in hydroelectric generation, which witnessed good stability in the previous period after the measures taken by the ministry in anticipation of the month of Ramadan.

The minister added, during his speech to t “Al-Aati” program on the Blue Nile channel, that all the machines and turbines are in their best condition, but the Ministry of Irrigation’s needs for water for the agricultural season led to a slight shortage of water generation operations.

He explained that the issue of cuts will be completely finished next August.

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