The Technical Committee of the Council of Ministers authorizes the order to establish the gold exchange

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The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Minerals Dr. Abdullah Kodi, revealed on the approval of the order to establish the Gold and Minerals Stock Exchange by the Technical Committee of the Council of Ministers at the beginning of this week.

The agent confirmed during his visit yesterday, Wednesday, the Khartoum Gold and Minerals Company “Sabika” at its headquarters in Khartoum, that work on establishing the stock exchange is progressing well.

For his part, the General Director of the General Authority for Geological Research affirmed that the authority’s doors had been opened, legislating for cooperation with “Sabaeq” company in a number of fields, foremost among which was training for the geological cadres working for the authority in addition to cooperation in developing the mining sector in general.

For his part, the director of the stock exchange at Khartoum Gold and Minerals Company, Essam Al-Zein, confirmed that they have prepared an integrated stock exchange that is ready to operate whenever the responsible authorities wish in terms of establishing and operating it is important for Sudan, indicating that in the company they have proposed several options for operating the stock exchange that are interested in investing in the financial field. Which he said was neglected in Sudan, considering at the same time that investing in gold is considered a safe haven for investments.

While the director of the mining sector of the company, Mujahid Bilal Taha, revealed that the “Sabaeq” company is working in a number of axes, the most important of which is investment in the field of mining by seeking to obtain mining squares, indicating that when they enter this field, especially in the exploration stage, they are targeting to bring a company that is among the the top ten companies in the world in this field, and they seek to work with a different vision in the field of gold trade, mining services and gem stones.

Taha added that they will present a number of projects for cooperation between the company, the Ministry of Minerals and the General Authority for Geological Research, on top of which is the work in establishing integrated laboratories as well as training and studies in addition to establishing specialized workshops serving the mining sector, pointing out that they hope to help the Geological Research Authority in obtaining Squares for large and small mining and gem stones.

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