Samsung Unveils New Micro-LED, Neo QLED, Lifestyle TVs, Monitors, Q Series Soundbars, and More for 2021

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Samsung will offer Micro-LED TV models in 110-inch and 99-inch models globally with smaller options coming later.

Samsung Unbox and Discover event was held on Tuesday, where the company unveiled its new lineup of TVs, monitors, and soundbars. The TVs include Micro-LED, Neo QLED, and lifestyle TVs while the monitors include a Smart Monitor, a new Odyssey G9 gaming monitor, and the Interactive Display FLIP 75-inch. In terms of audio, the company introduced new 2021 Q Series soundbar models that include Q-Symphony technology and come with support for multiple voice assistants.

Samsung held its virtual Unbox and Discover event to unveil its 2021 lineup of video and audio products. It brought new TV models including Micro-LED TVs, Samsung Neo QLED TVs, and lifestyle TVs. Starting with Micro-LED options, Samsung will offer 110-inch and 99-inch models globally starting form end of this month. There will also be an 88-inch model coming this fall, along with a 76-inch option planned for later down the line. Micro-LED TVs from Samsung come with 4Vue (Quad View) technology which will allow users to watch content from up to four different sources simultaneously.


The South Korean electronics giant first introduced Micro-LED technology in 2018 with its modular screens that could be arranged together to form one big display. Now, Samsung is making Micro-LED technology more commercial.


There will also be new Samsung Neo QLED TV and QLED TV models that use Quantum Mini-LED displays and Samsung’s Neo Quantum processor. Samsung has renewed its partnership with Xbox in the US and Canada to offer an improved gaming experience with 4K resolution and 120fps support. These TV models will have a claimed 5.8ms response time. Samsung has also partnered with AMD to bring Freesync Premium Pro to its Neo QLED and QLED lineup. There are new additions to Samsung Health programme as well like Smart Trainer that uses AI to analyse posture and provide real-time feedback. The 2021 lineup of Neo QLED TV and QLED TV will include QN800A and QN900A 8K models that will be offered in 65-inch, 75-inch, and 85-inch sizes. The 4K QN90A and QN85A models will start at 50-inch.


Samsung’s The Frame TV is also getting some upgrades for 2021. It will come with 6GB of storage instead of 500MB and the company has partnered with NAVA Contemporary and Etsy for more original artwork. The TV is now slimmer at just 24.9mm and has new mounting options with Slim Fit Wall Mount. My Shelf is a new background option for The Frame TV that will be available later in the year for the 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch options.

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