16 villages in the Somali region of Jubaland benefited from Emirati humanitarian aid

Somalia is facing its worst drought in 40 years

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The United Arab Emirates has distributed urgent relief aid to those affected by the drought crisis in the villages and regions of the Jubaland region in southern Somalia. In cooperation with the Al-Tawfiq Charitable Society and the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management in the region. Relief has reached more than 8,200 families in 16 different Jubaland villages.

This humanitarian aid stems from the keenness of the wise Emirati leadership to help the Somali people and alleviate their suffering.

This humanitarian gesture comes within the framework of the relief and humanitarian foundation’s efforts and its keenness to provide aid to the needy in areas suffering from conflicts and natural disasters.

The UAE is making every effort to make the required difference in humanitarian relief efforts in a number of Somali regions most affected by the current humanitarian conditions, and the UAE’s interest in the humanitarian situation in Somalia is not new, but has been going on for decades, and comes within the framework of the role it plays to reduce suffering around the world from a purely humanitarian perspective and is not linked to gender, race or sect, but rather its features define the human need wherever it is and offer support and assistance.

Residents of Somali regions and villages received humanitarian aid with chants expressing their joy with the UAE’s aid, especially as the drought-affected their daily lives.

They stressed that the people of Somalia will not forget the UAE’s standing by their side, providing their basic needs and relieving them from some of the burdens of drought, which wiped out a large part of their livestock wealth and damaged many crops.

The beneficiaries of the aid indicated that the UAE has always been the first to do good and help Somalia and its people. They prayed to the Almighty God to preserve and perpetuate the blessing of security and safety under its wise leadership.

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