A statement by the negotiating team regarding the current situation in the Renaissance Dam file

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The Government of the Republic of Sudan has followed the latest developments in the file of the Renaissance Dam, and the government would like to clarify the following in this regard:

– Sudan confirms its firm position in the file of the Renaissance Dam, which is the need to reach a legal agreement on the filling and operation of the dam. Sudan believes that its position is based on the reference to international law and the Declaration of Principles signed in March 2015 by the three countries.

– Sudan confirms that it has taken note of what was stated in the statement of the Ethiopian Prime Minister issued on January 20, 2022, which was published on his sovereignty’s page on the Twitter platform, especially the clarification of his sovereignty that Ethiopia believes that the Renaissance Dam is a good example of the principle of cooperation for the benefit of all the peoples of the riparian countries without causing much harm. Sudan believes that it is necessary and important for Ethiopia to take real steps that correspond to this statement.

– Sudan affirms its position rejecting all unilateral measures regarding the filling and operation of the dam. Sudan considers that the measures taken, especially the first and second filling and the last measure related to the start-up of electricity generation turbines, are incompatible with the spirit of cooperation and constitute a fundamental breach of international legal obligations. Ethiopia, as it contravenes what was agreed upon between the three countries in the Declaration of Principles.

– Sudan welcomes sisterly Senegal’s assumption of the presidency of the African Union, and calls for strengthening the role of the African Union in a way that enables the parties to reach an agreement within a specific time frame, including changing the existing negotiation methodology.

– Sudan affirms that its participation in all rounds of negotiations stems from its conviction that an agreement can be achieved that takes into account the interests of the three parties, including its important initiatives that culminated in the signing of the Declaration of Principles Agreement in Khartoum in March 2015.

– Finally, the government calls on the various media outlets to investigate information from their official sources regarding Sudan’s positions in this file.

Omar Al Farouk Syed Kamel

Official Spokesperson for the Renaissance Dam Negotiations Team

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