Al-Qaeda fighter Abu Musab Al-Sudani, accused of shooting down the famous American plane in Somalia has been released

Khartoum | Times of Sudan

The security authorities released “Abu Musab al-Sudani” Muhammad Suleiman al-Nafi, the most prominent al-Qaeda fighter, and a close associate of the current al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, who had been in detention for long periods of time pending terrorism-related cases.

Al-Sudani newspaper said that Abu Musab was released from Kober prison five days ago after a period of detention that lasted several years, after his return from the United States of America, in which he spent 10 years in prisons on charges related to carrying out terrorist bombings. Among them was his involvement in the downing of the American Black Hawk plane in Somalia, where Abu Musab was, at the time, one of the fighters in the ranks of the Mujahideen Youth Movement.

Al-Sudani newspaper added that those close to Abu Musab spoke to the newspaper, and the release of Abu Musab came in implementation of the decision of the Security and Defense Council headed by the Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, which recommended in its last meeting the release of suspects who were not proven guilty of involvement in terrorist acts in the country, and were kept in prisons for long periods.

The American Columbia Media Production Company had taken the initiative to document the downing of the plane in the jungles of Somalia by producing the war movie “Black Hawk Down,” which tells the details and circumstances of the downing of the plane by an airstrike from an RPG launched by “Abu Musab al-Sudani.” The film was shown in 2001 AD.

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