Amnesty International calls for the former Minister of Security in Jubaland to be brought to justice

Nairobi | Times Of Sudan 

Amnesty International has called on the outgoing Somali government to try Abdul Rashid Janan, the former security minister in Jubaland state who arrived on Wednesday, in the border town of Baladhawa after he reached an agreement with the government.

The human rights organization said: “Jinan is now in the hands of the Somali government and the authorities must achieve justice and hold him accountable for the human rights violations he committed in Gedo region, and that the victims and the affected families deserve justice.”

The Somali government itself issued an arrest warrant for Abdul Rashid Jinan, after his escape from a prison in Mogadishu in the beginning of 2020 AD, and it asked the International Police to help them in his arrest and trial for the crimes he committed in the Gedo region.

Jinan, after announcing the defection from the state of Jubaland, whose security minister was widely welcomed in the Somali border city of “Baladhawa” by the Somali government, and it seems that the government will turn a blind eye to the accusations it directed against the man in the past as a reward for his defection from the Jubaland administration headed by Ahmed Madobe.

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