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A campaign funded by Qatar to destabilize and destroy the “Somaliland” region, which is perhaps the most peaceful and the most active in the country.

For many Somali and non-Somali observers, Somaliland was a haven for victims of violence elsewhere in Somalia and a model of what Somalia could become.

With Farmajo’s presidential term ending, he realized that he had become toxic. He was reportedly abandoned by those who had previously been his allies, as his opponents sought to overthrow him.

Desperation and the desire to avoid a humiliating defeat in the elections, Defan Farmajo, to unconstitutionally extend his term as part of an artificial and acted “state of emergency”.

Farmajo succeeded in buying the representatives of Parliament and is currently doing through Qatar the “mediator” in an attempt to buy the receivables of the governors of the state and his opponents, and this is what he succeeded in as he succeeded in transferring Qatar’s problems in Somalia to Somaliland, and Musa Bihi sold the security of “Somaliland” for money Country.

Because of the Qatari intervention and the policies of Musa Bihi, observers in the Somali issue warned that the devastation would affect Somaliland more than what happened in Somalia.

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