Farmajo claims he has been infected with the Corona virus, achieving its goals of preventing the people from holding demonstrations

Somalia | Times Of Sudan

The outgoing government of President Mohamed Abd Allah Faramajo continues to use all cards to delay the extension of the period of power and prevent any movement regarding the elections and to prevent the demonstrations called for by the Union of Presidential Candidates in the country.

This time Farmajo uses his Corona virus, claiming that there is a new wave of the virus’s spread, which has reached even the president, to cancel the mass peaceful demonstrations that the presidential candidates called for in the previous days, and as a prelude to canceling the calls that the union would have called for in the coming days, to denounce the behavior of Farmajo.

And his adherence to staying in power after the expiration of his term, and his obstruction of the path of dialogue about the general election crisis in Somalia.

Farmajo’s allegation and lies, with his infection with the Corona virus, to achieve his goals by neutralizing the loyalist street from the political vacuum and turning it into a “prayer for a speedy recovery”.

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