Foreign Minister meets Ugandan President in Entebbe

 Entebbe | Times Of Sudan 

On Saturday afternoon, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Maryam Al-Sadiq briefed Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni about the Sudanese position and the results of the recent Renaissance Dam negotiations.

The minister revealed the steps taken by Sudan in search of a legal agreement regarding the filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The Minister affirmed the strength of the distinguished bilateral relations between Sudan and Uganda in various fields, praising President Museveni’s approach to supporting peace efforts.

On the other hand, the Ugandan President appreciated the role of Sudan in the continent and its peaceful initiatives, stressing Uganda’s support for dialogue leading to the achievement of the gains of all parties, indicating that the correct approach to address the points of disagreement is to agree on the strategic vision for managing the Nile waters, considering that filling and operating the dam requires consideration of the aspects. Environment, understanding Sudan’s position calling for productive negotiations that lead to results that satisfy all parties.

President Museveni promised to contact the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abi Ahmed, as soon as possible to negotiate with him to bring points of view closer to what could be reached for serious negotiations that would make progress in this important file.

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