Foreign Minister meets UN Secretary-General’s Envoy for the Horn of Africa

Al-Fashqa is a Sudanese land and the Ethiopians must stop claiming that Sudan is occupying their lands

Khartoum | Times of Sudan

The Minister-designate of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Ali Al-Sadiq Ali, met in his office this Sunday afternoon, with the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for the Horn of Africa, Hana Tetteh, where they discussed issues that fall within the mandate of the envoy in its mission, especially the situation in the Abyei region, peace in South Sudan and Sudanese relations Ethiopia in light of the dispute between the two countries over the Renaissance Dam and in the border area of ​​Al-Fashqa.

For his part, the designated foreign minister, Ambassador Ali Al-Sadiq, indicated that the state of good and stable relations between Khartoum and Juba may be a conducive factor in calming the situation in Abyei, which raises hopes for an agreed-upon peaceful solution.

As for the Renaissance Dam, the Minister-designate stated to the UN envoy that negotiations and dialogue are the best solutions to settling the dispute and bringing the views of the three parties closer.

Regarding the border dispute between Ethiopia, he stressed that Al-Fashqa is Sudanese land, and the Ethiopians should stop claiming Sudan’s occupation of their lands before entering into any negotiations with them in this regard.

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