Netanyahu’s trick in his fraud against Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok in the case of the Renaissance Dam

Ethiopia's Massive Nile Dam Explained

Report | Israel24 – Times of Sudan

The subject of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam or GERD has become very sensitive in the Arab social media. In some articles Israel is recognized as an important player in this conflict.

For this purpose a few Israeli journalists were invited to a friendly meeting at the invitation of the Ethiopian Ambassador to Israel, Reta Alemu Nega. Although many subjects were discussed the center of the discussion was about the current situation in North Africa and the Dam.

“Something like what the Turkish government has done to the Iraqis” as one of the journalists interrupted the ambassador while he was describing the importance of the dam to the Ethiopian people.

Reta Alemu Nega – Ethiopian Ambassador to Israel

In response Alemu Nega claimed that this project didn’t start without the green light of the US or notice of the Israeli government. He believes that because of the close relations between Israel and Ethiopia, Israel thinks that it can use the dam as leverage over the Egyptian and Sudanese government in any future disagreement.

“What I’m telling you is pure information, not some sort of analysis. During the negotiations for the Abraham Accords, the US and Israel used the dam as a tool to bring the Sudanese to sign the agreement. Mr. Netanyahu even promised Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, that if they sign the agreement, Israel will form a coalition with Sudan to confront Ethiopia in this regard.” Said Alemu Nega smiling while shaking his head.

Mairav Zonszein

When asked if he’s concerned about such a coalition he responded that he had talked to PM Naftalli Bennett’s office on monday and quoted them as saying “although PM Bennett pursues good relations with all countries especially those that have signed the Abraham Accords, he’s committed to deals but not to former PM Netanyahu’s promises.”

Mr. Alemu Nega added that he believes that Netanyahu had misled the Sudanese on this matter. Complimenting Netanyahu he said “the word “magician” is too weak to describe this stunning achievement. We know that Israel will never sacrifice the Jews of Ethiopia over Sudanese Muslims.”

After the meeting with the ambassador we talked to his assistant, Mr. Aaron Getachew. He said that a lot of money and effort has been put onto this megaproject and that the government of Ethiopia has long term economy plans which most of them rely on it. Therefore there’s no way to stop the project especially when countries like the US and Israel fully support it and see benefits in it.

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