President of the Union of Presidential Candidates warns of an illegal extension of state institutions

Mogadishu | Times Of Sudan

Former Somali President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, head of the Union of Presidential Candidates, told the media in Mogadishu that they are warning of an illegal extension of the outgoing state institutions as talks about the elections continue.

He said, “I think it is national betrayal if the government tried to extend it while it was possible to negotiate the elections, but it was neglected.” I say to the leadership of the outgoing government, do not lead Somalia to a stage that has been bypassed. ”

He added, “This country, economically, politically and on the security front, cannot withstand the extension and the looting of the elections. I call for looking at the consequences of the reckless steps that the outgoing leadership wants to take.”

Finally, the former president stated that the Somali people, the federal member states and the international community must realize that the consequences of the extension will be borne only by the outgoing leaders who have failed to fulfill their obligations.

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