Qatar is using promises of aid to mend its shattered relationship with Somaliland

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The Somali government is using Qatari support in destroying three Somali states, namely the South West, Galmudug and Hershbili, in harassing opposition politicians, and in trying to cling to power.

Doha is trying to repeat the matter in Somaliland now that the days of President Farmajo are few, jumping off the sunken ship and polishing its image to return to the scene again and showing that it is ready to reach out to all Somali parties.

The Qatari envoy’s start of his visit in Hargeisa was not without political significance and the indication that Doha will deal with all Somali administrations, including the breakaway Somaliland, while in the past years it had no relationship with those administrations.

Qatar was the disaster that struck Somalia in the past four years, and the money that was provided illegally led to sabotaging the political process in the country, so the political stakeholders should not be fooled by the openness that you are showing today in an attempt to obtain a role in the transitional phase in order to be able to regain power, by investing in some of the politicians associated with it to once again dominate Somalia and continue its subversive policies.

Qatar remained silent about all the illegal steps taken by Farmajo and his supporters, the last of which was the two-year extension of the legislative and executive powers in contravention of the constitution.

It is interesting to note that the visit of the Qatari envoy to Somalia coincided with the appointment of the African Union as a special envoy to Somalia to help overcome the existing differences between the Somalis on the issue of elections, and Doha may seek to obstruct African efforts.

The visit of the Qatari envoy will not change anything about Qatar’s image with the Somali people, as this country has been associated with all the problems that the Somali arena has witnessed in recent years, and it has also contributed to the tension in Somalia’s relations with a number of brotherly and friendly countries.

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