Somali activists demonstrate in Washington, calling for the United States to save democracy in their country

Somali activists: Warning.. Somalia on the brink of civil war

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A number of Somali activists demonstrated today in the American capital, Washington, calling on the US government to intervene to save the democratic experience in Somalia, which is going through a stifling political crisis that may put the country on the brink of a civil war in the absence of a real legitimate government, which raises fears of a return to armed conflicts.

The demonstrators called in front of the Somali embassy in Washington, DC, the United States and the international community to inform their responsibilities towards this country, which is suffering from collapse due to the lack of trust between politicians and some of them.

USA should protect the Somali Democratic Experience..

    Somali activists

Shouting anti-government slogans and demanding that the international community have an important role to play in resolving the crisis, as Somalia mainly depends on foreign aid in light of a constitutional crisis caused by the postponement of the elections and the government’s intransigence in fulfilling its obligations.

The Somali human rights activist, Ali Shigal, told “AIJES” that the situation in the country is not doing well and fears are increasing day by day from the retreat of anti-terrorism efforts, especially after the United States abandoned and withdrew its forces from Somali lands, expressing his optimism about the new American administration led by President Joe Biden, to restore Things are straight and the need to confront Al-Shabaab, which is linked to Al-Qaeda in the northeast of the country.

US has to save Democracy in Somalia..

Somali activists

It is noteworthy that Somalia is in a state of political vacuum, especially after the opposition leaders announced their intention not to recognize the legitimacy of President Muhammad Abdullah Farmajo, after the expiration of his term without reaching a political agreement on a path leading to new presidential elections.


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