Somalia has to save itself from Farmajo!

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Somalis, whether at home or abroad, were optimistic when Muhammad Abdullah Farmajo was elected President of Somalia in February 2017.

Diplomats and the development community shared this optimism, believing Farmajo is honest, energetic and reformist.

The years of Farmajo’s rule have shown that the initial optimism seems misplaced if not the naivety of the present time, as Somalia is in a much worse condition than it was before he assumed the presidency.

Security is in a state of disaster, the economy has collapsed, federal states are marginalized, foreign policy is without focus, and moreover, national institutions have been paralyzed while the Corona virus slowly engulfs the people.

At this stage, Mogadishu is in a state of greater closure due to terrorist threats and increased armed clashes than public health.

It was not supposed to get so bad, but it is the reality now, as Somalia’s problems stem largely from Farmajo, his procrastination in holding elections, and the malign influence that Turkey exerts in all aspects of Somali politics and diplomacy, which called for the outgoing Somali president to demand from the Turkish President a military support to control Somalia.

All these aspects aroused anger in the Somali street, who in previous demonstrations demanded a democratic transformation in Somalia, which was suppressed by Farmajo, which led to the emergence of calls from activists now to participate in demonstrations calling for the departure of the dictator and the insistence on holding post-Farmajo elections.

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