Tensions in Mogadishu

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Yesterday evening, the capital, Mogadishu, witnessed a state of tension after the transfer of former Mogadishu police chief Sadiq John, and his forces to the “Cherkoli” area in the capital.

The tension came after the outgoing Somali government sent police known as “Harmad” to the intersections leading to the area where Sadiq John’s forces were stationed.

The Somali police chief Abdi Hassan “Hajjar” announced the dismissal of John, from his post on Monday, after he announced the cancellation of a meeting of the People’s Assembly. Then the outgoing President, Muhammad Abdullah Farmajo, stripped him of his military rank, but the former commander of the capital’s police refused to do so.

Residents of Mogadishu fear that the political crisis in the country will turn into acts of violence between the conflicting parties, especially after the suspension of consultations due to the announcement of the outgoing People’s Assembly to extend the president and the federal parliament.

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