The Candidates’ Union files a complaint against Farmajo to the international community

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The Council of the Union of Presidential Candidates filed a complaint against the outgoing President, Muhammad Abdullah Farmajo, in a letter sent to the foreign ministers of the United States of America, Britain and Turkey, the European Union, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the League of Arab States.

The candidates asked the bodies to which they sent the message to assist in the implementation of the parliamentary and presidential elections in the country, noting that there has been no legitimate government in Somalia since the end of the mandate of Farmajo, on the (8) of last February.

The candidates criticized what Farmajo says, that he will remain in his office until a new president is elected, and they added that he is the reason for the delay in the elections, expressing their dissatisfaction with his refusal to hand over power and work with political stakeholders to conduct free and fair elections in the country.

The candidates confirmed their belief that Farmajo would not hand over power and that he would continue to obstruct the efforts made in conducting the elections, and stated that his actions pose a threat to the country’s stability, noting that he refuses to negotiate with the regional states sincerely.

The candidates accused Farmajo of restricting freedoms and preventing citizens from demonstrating to express their opinion, despite this being a right granted by the constitution, and the Somali army used to prevent them from doing so.

The candidates informed the parties to which they sent the message that the Somali forces, which the international community invested in building them, were distracted from their main mission, which is fighting Al-Shabaab and were used to suppress peaceful demonstrators, and they referred in particular to the “Gur” and “Harmad” forces trained by Turkey and the forces of “Ran” ‚ÄúTrained by the USA.

The candidates demanded that Farmajo hand over security and election management to the prime minister, isolate the military leadership involved in the attack on peaceful demonstrators, stop politicizing the army, and allow the political space to open, so that citizens can hold peaceful meetings and demonstrations.

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