The emergence of Abyssinian fever among Ethiopian refugees in Qadarif

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The emergence of a disease (Abyssinian fever) among the Ethiopian refugees in Al-Tanideba camp, Al-Mafaza locality, Qadarif state, with no available medication, and the camp director, Abdel Moneim Othman Ibrahim, said that the camp is facing an acute shortage of insulin drugs and serums, in addition to the large number of snakes in the area.

Ibrahim, explained that the camp includes large numbers of people with special needs and children who are not accompanied by their families, which requires special interventions in terms of care and eating, noting that most of the refugee groups are young people who need special care.

Abdel Moneim, appealed to the government and civil society organizations to solve the problem of housing in the camp and the necessity to build my cats sooner than before the beginning of the autumn season.

The camp hosts 21,189 Ethiopian refugees.

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