The International Humanitarian City in Dubai, flying two planes to transport urgent humanitarian aid and medical supplies to Sudan

Under the directives of Mohammed bin Rashid

Khartoum | Times Of Sudan

On Monday, the UAE sent urgent aid to Sudan to support medical devices in combating the emerging corona virus (Covid-19).

The International Humanitarian City in Dubai sent two planes to transport urgent humanitarian aid and medical supplies from the World Health Organization’s logistic center in Dubai to Sudan, via the Emirates Air Cargo.

The two planes, which set off from Dubai Airport, arrived at Khartoum Airport, respectively, carrying supplies weighing 54 metric tons, valued at nearly 3 million dirhams.

More than 700,000 people are expected to benefit from it, and the aid includes emergency medical equipment, staff protection equipment and medical supplies for laboratory tests, in response to the health emergency and the escalating humanitarian crisis in Sudan, and to ensure the provision of necessary medicines to preserve life, as well as providing medical supplies And workers in the technical logistical field to support the World Health Organization and the Sudanese Ministry of Health, as the aid will contribute to bridging the acute shortage of medicines in health facilities and enhancing their ability to confront the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is the first time that the World Health Organization (WHO) logistics center in Dubai has sent technical personnel for logistical support as well as medical supplies from the organization’s headquarters in the International Humanitarian City in Dubai to accelerate the response to health emergencies in support of WHO staff on the front lines.

The International City for Humanitarian Services had made an air bridge during the months from September to December of the year 2020 AD, to transport the aid provided by the humanitarian community at the headquarters of the city in Dubai to support and relief those affected by the devastating floods in Sudan and help tens of thousands of refugees and displaced people fleeing the Tigray region in Ethiopia to Sudan.

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