The majority of the people reject him and the great number of his opponents.. Who supports Farmajo?

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Many components of Somali society oppose the extension of the term of President Muhammad Abdullah Farmajo, and the outgoing parliament.

All societal components expressed their widespread opposition to the approval of the outgoing Somali People’s Assembly to extend the term of President Muhammad Abdullah Farmajo and the Federal Parliament.

They indicated that this contradicts the political agreement that was reached to be a basis for resolving disputes over the federal elections, and that the Somali state institutions are fragile and unable to bear policies based on personal interests and dependence on foreign ambitions.

They drew attention to the sacrifices made by the Somali and African forces and civil servants who lost their lives in order to build the Somali state, and that the Somali friends have provided billions of dollars in this project.

They added that the extension is unacceptable and called on the federal leadership and state leaders to abstain from every step that would harm the Somali state and violate the Transitional Federal Constitution.

They explained that Somalia is a country that operates on a federal system that separates the authorities, which means that the federal government, regional governments and civil society organizations consult when making a fateful decision.

And that there is no article in the constitution that allows parliament to extend the extension for itself or other institutions such as the presidency and the government, and they called on the federal leadership that has expired to return to negotiations to reach an agreement on the pending issues in accordance with the September 17, 2020 agreement.

They called on government institutions in general and the People’s Assembly in particular to refrain from every step that leads to political instability or causes disappointment for donors and Somalia’s friends who stand by the country in the areas of development, security and political support in this difficult phase.

In the end, they called on the Somali people everywhere to refrain from every step that may lead to the destruction of the country and the Somali state, or to be drawn into acts of violence that may cause bloodshed.

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