The mandate of the Farmajo government.. political corruption and failed constitutional changes

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The issue of political corruption is one of the most important issues threatening the security, stability and development of Somalia, which left it in suffering on several levels, its effects extended to hinder any opportunities for progress and prosperity.

Somalia has become one of the most important examples of the state of deterioration and suffering resulting from the increasing indicators of political corruption during the years of Farmajo’s rule, which destroyed the state’s opportunities and capabilities.

There is a state of rift and collapse that Somalia suffers from due to the corruption of the Farmajo government, and it has caused threats to security and stability, as well as the spread of extremist terrorist groups. These reasons are among the most important reasons that made Somalia at the forefront of the Corruption Perceptions Index according to Transparency International.

Manifestations of corruption Farmajo government

Somalia has retreated in the indicators of fighting corruption since 2017 AD, and among the manifestations of the decline in the fight against corruption is the entry of President Muhammad Abdullah Farmajo to power with a political program, the most important pillar of which is the fight against corruption prevalent in the state apparatus, but the formed government was not a technocratic government capable of fighting corruption.

The electoral program is just ink on paper, and some behaviors related to corruption have emerged, which are represented in “bribery – embezzlement of public funds – money laundering – illicit gain – abuse of power to achieve personal interests – nepotism in public service.”

Farmajo’s term represents a lack of respect for the country’s constitution, and observers see it as “the rule of the single leader” who occupies all state posts, whether political or military.

Observers also considered that the decision to extend the Somali president and his parliament will have negative economic repercussions on Somalia, which is already suffering from high inflation rates, and will lead to its isolation.

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