The Public Prosecution filed a number of charges for the Judicial Authority Headquarters, Khartoum

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The Public Prosecution at the Presidency of the Judicial System in Khartoum today filed a number of cases against symbols of the former regime after the completion of investigations in them. Among the most prominent of these cases is case No. 40/2019, relating to the privatization of the River Transport Authority and the accused therein Ali Mahmoud Abdel Rasoul, Al Zubair Ahmed Al Hassan, and others.

Case No. 78/2015, relating to the issue of disposing of the right to land and take off at Heathrow International Airport (Heathrow Line) and the accused in which Al-Zubair Ahmed Al-Hassan and others.

Also, Case No. 36/2020, related to the case of Mashkour Sugar Factory, and the defendants in it, Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz, Abdel Halim Ismail Al-Mutafi, and others.

And Case No. 108/2019, relating to the case of the Nile Bank and the defendants, Haji Atta Al-Manan, and the Nile Bank.

After submitting the notifications to the judiciary in Khartoum, the Public Prosecution affirmed its full commitment to deliver criminal charges to the courts as soon as the investigations are completed, reviewed and investigated into all actions in public sector facilities since 1990, recover state property and bring the accused to trial.

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