The Somali Senate challenges the legality of the extension to Farmajo

Mogadishu | Times Of Sudan

The President of the Senate of the outgoing Somali Federal Parliament challenged the legality of the People’s Assembly’s decision to extend President Farmajo, whose term of office ended on February 8th.

Abdi Hashi Abdullah described the step taken by the outgoing People’s Assembly as “unilateral,” and indicated that it would exacerbate the crisis.

The President of the Senate expressed his concern that the People’s Assembly decision would lead the country to political and security instability and other unpredictable situations.

Hashi called on the President, Prime Minister and Speaker of the outgoing People’s Assembly to return to legitimacy to reach consensus on the federal elections and implement the September 17, 2020 agreement, which was ratified by the two chambers of the Somali parliament.

The outgoing People’s Assembly voted alone on Monday. In favor of an illegal extension of two years in the president’s term, which will inevitably exacerbate the political crisis that the country has been suffering from for a long time.

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