The Speaker of the Arab Parliament sends an urgent message to the President of the UN Security Council before holding the session on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam crisis

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The Speaker of the Arab Parliament, Adel bin Abdul Rahman Al-Asoumi, sent an urgent message to His Excellency Mr. Nicolas de Riviere, President of the UN Security Council, before the session that the Council is scheduled to hold on Thursday, July 8, 2021 AD, at the request of the Republic of Sudan, to discuss the dam crisis Ethiopian Renaissance.

In his letter, Al-Soumi called on the UN Security Council to assume its responsibilities entrusted to it by the international community to maintain international peace and security, and to take a binding position during this session, leading to a fair and binding agreement on the rules for filling and operating the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

In his address to the President of the UN Security Council, the Speaker of the Arab Parliament said, “Our letter to you does not stem only from considerations imposed by the national and moral responsibility of the Arab Parliament regarding solidarity with two member states and their support in preserving their legal and historical rights in the waters of the Nile, but also on the rules International law, charters and agreements that govern international rivers, especially since the Nile River is an international river and is jointly owned by all the riparian countries, and it is not permissible to extend sovereignty over it or seek to monopolize it by any party in any way, and it is absolutely unacceptable to impose a new reality in which the upstream countries control countries. downstream”.

In his speech, Al-Soumi stressed that both the Republic of Sudan and the Arab Republic of Egypt participated in good faith in negotiating rounds for a whole decade, during which they demonstrated responsible and balanced positions that reflect their keenness to reach an agreement that takes into account the interests of all parties. However, the intransigent positions of the state Ethiopia prevented this agreement from being reached.

Al-Soumi added in his letter to the President of the UN Security Council, “You may agree with us, that it has become unacceptable for the negotiation process to continue indefinitely without a solution, and that a fair and balanced legal agreement must be reached that achieves the interests of all parties, given that This is the best solution to end the crisis, and the only way to maintain security and stability in the region, and this is the role that our peoples are waiting for from the UN Security Council.

The Speaker of the Arab Parliament concluded his speech by requesting that this position expressing all Arab peoples be conveyed to the members of the UN Security Council, expressing his aspiration that the Council would fulfill its great responsibility entrusted to it in maintaining international peace and security.

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