The story of the transformation of Somalia into a “failed state” during the Farmajo era

Muqdisho | Times Of Sudan

Somalia is an African country with a strategic location and a long history. It was a few decades ago a pioneering democracy in the African continent, and one of the most powerful African armies, before political turmoil plagued it, and Somalia ended up in a “failed state” struggling to survive.

The term of President Abdullah Farmajo, was scheduled to end in February this year, but a few days ago the Somali parliament passed legislation approved by Farmajo, extending the deadline for the president and parliament for an additional two years, while preparing for direct elections, a step that sparked internal protests and international warnings, and some considered it a return, in the country, backward, and this step comes amid disagreements between the government on the one hand, and the heads of regions and the opposition on the other hand, over details related to the mechanism for conducting parliamentary and presidential elections.

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