The Turkish role in Somalia, strategy or dilemma for Erdogan?

Muqdisho | Times Of Sudan

Every time there is talk about Turkey’s role in Somalia, it is linked to a new desire for expansion and a relentless attempt to dominate the joints of political, security and economic issues.

Ankara used to consolidate its relations with effective forces in the current authority in order to increase its presence.

Turkey has a military base in Somalia, which is the largest in the region, and it seeks to employ the United States ’announcement of withdrawing its forces to play the role of a percussion officer for the security system by supervising the training and arming of its official elements.

Finally, Ankara raised a political storm in Mogadishu that is not without international signals, after the frequent talk about ratifying a law that allows its subsidiaries to explore for oil in Somalia.

In its approaches to this country, Turkey uses multiple, bifurcated and parallel methods to ensure access to large segments in the power, opposition and civil society of all sects, and even armed gangs and extremist groups were not far from it, and it had close ties with it that enabled it to seize many matters and saved it from targeting its interests .

The Somali opposition accuses Ankara of military support for the regime that threatens to eventually return to the devastating civil war, and turn Somalia once again into a fertile ground for terrorist organizations like Al-Shabab, which exploits political differences to escalate its attacks that reached the presidential compound in Mogadishu.

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