The United States urges the Somali leadership to meet to complete the elections

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The United States Embassy in Somalia has urged the transitional government and state governments to hold a meeting to complete the elections.

The embassy indicated in a tweet on its Twitter account that time is running out, and called on the caretaker government and the states to take decisions in the interest of the Somali people.

The international partners urged today, in a joint statement, the Somali leadership at the federal and regional levels to hold a conference aimed at implementing the September 17 agreement and concluding the review of the proposals of the technical committee to start the electoral process.

Not all regional states loyal to Farmajo and those opposed to him have commented on his invitation, but the states of Jobland and Puntland have previously stipulated that elections be negotiated, with conditions including holding consultations in a neutral place, securing a neutral force, and leading it by the Prime Minister, and providing international guarantees for the parties ’commitment to implementing any agreement that might be possible. It is concluded around the ballot.

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