To favor the Brotherhood .. “Trillion dollars” Sudan’s losses during Al-Ingaz era

Sudan | Times Of Sudan 

The political researcher in political Islam movements, “Mai Hashem” estimated the direct and indirect losses of the Sudanese economy during the rule of the “Al-Ingaz” regime at more than one trillion dollars, resulting from corruption, mismanagement and favoritism of the group at the expense of the homeland.

In an interview with the Q-Post portal, Mai said that among the most important Brotherhood cadres that used to manage these funds in Sudan were Muhammad al-Farra, Muhammad al-Shami, Yaseen, Muhammad bin Mahfouz, and others.

According to Q-Post, an informed source with the Empowerment Removal Committee revealed that Hamas’s investments in Sudan pose a threat to Sudanese national security, and contradict Sudan’s obligations in accordance with international covenants that prohibit interference in the affairs of other countries, especially with regard to support for armed organizations.

The committee said that what happened during Al-Ingaz era contradicts the Sudanese national interests due to the classification of “Hamas” in a number of influential countries, including the United States as a terrorist organization.

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