Turkish intervention deepens the political crisis in Somalia

Mogadishu | Times Of Sudan 

Turkey seeks to exploit all crises in the world, whether in the Middle East, the Horn of Africa, or the Caucasus, and in the Mediterranean, to support its influence and interventions.

There is no doubt that the Turkish interventions have deepened the political crisis in Somalia, but despite this, Ankara continues to exercise a policy of pressure for the sole purpose of protecting Turkish interests in the Horn of Africa.

It seems that the reason for Turkish concern about the negative developments resulting from the disagreement over the course of the elections in Somalia and the call to sit at the dialogue table between the opposition and the government aims mainly to keep all strings of the game in the hands of the Turkish ally.

Turkey is accused by the Somali opposition of providing military support to the regime, which will ultimately lead to the fall of the country in a new devastating civil war, which will create fertile ground for terrorist organizations.

Turkey penetrates the joints of the Somali army

Ankara graduated a new battalion of Somali soldiers under its supervision and describes the graduates as the backbone of the Somali armed forces.

Somalia, which is fluctuating in the wake of an internal crisis, security chaos and terrorist attacks by the Somali youth movement, has turned into a geopolitical space vital to Turkish ambitions, and its tense environment is in harmony with the goals of the Turkish move to link links with militant organizations similar to what it does in Syria and what it does in Libya.

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