US confirms entry of Somali forces into Ethiopia

Washington | Times of Sudan 

A US official said that soldiers from the Somali forces receiving training in Eritrea have entered Ethiopia, which has been witnessing a conflict in the Tigray region since last November.

Ilhan Omar, US Representative, asked Robert F. Godick, the acting US Secretary of State for African Affairs, about the alleged involvement of Somali forces in the Tigray conflict.

“We are aware of the presence of Somali forces in Ethiopia, but I cannot confirm whether they were involved in the fighting, but we will confirm that,” Godek said.

A recent report by the United Nations Human Rights Council said Somali forces training in Eritrea may have been involved in the fighting in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region.

The international organization indicated that it had received reports of monitoring Somali forces fighting alongside Eritrean forces in the ancient city of “Axum” in Tigray, but the Somali government denied the participation of Somali soldiers in the war in Tigray.

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