Permanent cancellation of temporary licenses

The Confederation of African Football holds the tasks of the clubs participating in its tournaments

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The Confederation of African Football (CAF) announced the holding of a symposium on defining clubs’ requirements for the next stage and conditions for participation in African championships through the managers of the executive offices of the national federations, in the presence of members of the executive office of “CAF” and “FIFA”.

The symposium will continue at the headquarters of the African Union for three days, starting yesterday and ending on Friday.

The federation revealed that starting next year, the uploading of club files through the national federations will be canceled, but instead will be dealt with through an “Online System”. Thus the issue of sending files by fax through the local federations will be abolished.

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In this direction, the Confederation of African Football contracted with a company specialized in reviewing club licensing files, and the criteria differ according to the tournaments and the degree of their importance, as the details of the teams participating in the super and champions are more accurate than the confederation teams, for example.

Through that competent company, the African Union will decide to oblige the national federations to form a committee within the national federations, from which two committees will emerge, the first is called the Requests Committee and its competence is to follow up on standards, and the last is known as the Appeals Committee, which is resorted to by the clubs if the first committee refuses to accept its files.

The federation will approve obtaining final licenses for all clubs participating in national competitions, and the matter will not be exclusive to clubs participating in “CAF” competitions, with the principle of temporary licensing completely canceled, as the club that does not obtain the license according to the specifications will be deprived of participation in local competitions.

The Confederation of African Football also announced its contract with a financial “audit” company to follow up and open the clubs’ accounts to determine the validity of the submitted financial reports.

Through the detailed explanation, it is clear that the Confederation of African Football, with the insurance of the International Football Association, announced that it is time to adhere to the licensing files and apply their conditions to the letter, especially for the clubs participating in its tournaments. The most important condition for the clubs participating in the “Super” championship, is to have a female team with an academy certified by national unions.

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