Hundreds of UN peacekeepers seek asylum in Sudan

The civil war led to persecution, genocide and war crimes between the forces of Addis Ababa and the forces of the Tigray region

Khartoum | Times of Sudan

Hundreds of UN peacekeepers from Ethiopia’s Tigray region have refused to leave their deployment area in Sudan and return to Ethiopia due to fears for their safety.

The United Nations has deployed peacekeeping forces from Tigray in the border region of Abyei, which is disputed between Sudan and South Sudan.

When relations between Addis Ababa and Khartoum deteriorated, due to a territorial dispute and as a result of Ethiopia’s construction of the Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile, peacekeepers were replaced last year by a multinational force.

A UN spokesman confirmed that some Ethiopian forces had requested international protection in Sudan.

A peacekeeper from the Tigray region said that more than 500 of his colleagues are seeking asylum, adding that they will not be safe when they return to Ethiopia as a result of the 18-month war that broke out in the country between the central government forces in Addis Ababa and the Tigray People’s Protection Forces.

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