Popular courts are pursuing Farmajo and Khairy in Somalia

A track record of crimes and violations, and electoral campaigns that signals defeat

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Somalis pin their hopes on parliamentarians to extricate them from Khairy’s and Farmajo’s ruin and corruption, for Somalia deserves an honest leader who unites and heals this nation.

Politicians and human rights activists call on members of Parliament to remember and review the crimes of Farmajo and Khairy and not to allow Somalia to be plunged again into injustice and darkness.

A day after the outburst of ridicule that ignited the Somali street against the backdrop of the outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s announcement of his election campaign and the publication of a propaganda picture of him bearing the slogan “Change” and side pictures to show his fictitious achievements.

Today, the strategic ally of Farmajo, and the alternative man on whom Qatar pins its hopes for the continuation of its control over the joints of governance in Somalia, Hassan Ali Khairy, with new excitement announced the launch of his electoral program under the slogan “Vision and Development”, to make matters worse by talking about a vision he lacks and no development.

Corruption pursues the men of Qatar in Somalia

Khairy’s announcement today in a tweet via his Twitter account sparked widespread controversy in the Somali community, and became a rich topic for sarcasm and ridicule, especially after he spoke about serving the people and development, which politicians and observers confirmed that Khairy does not know of development even its name, and history is irrefutable evidence of that.

The Somali people are not ignorant of the period of Khairy’s rule, and his leadership of the government, which was described as the “black spot” that plunged Somalia into a wave of darkness, during which Somalia did not witness any development, but on the contrary, it was a period of corruption, failure and the destruction of everything beautiful in Somalia.

Khairy’s tweet read: “On May 9, I will launch in Mogadishu my electoral manifesto entitled “Vision and Development”, in which I will run for office to serve the people of Somalia.”

Farmajo and Khairy
Farmajo and Khairy

And before the ink of Khairy’s tweet dried, the responses to it erupted in a blunt manner, and Somali activists launched a scathing attack on him, in which his innocent civilian victims found it as a field for popular trial, in the People’s Court.

popular courts

Somalis launched a wide campaign on social networks to expose Khairy and his ally Farmajo and exposed his scandals and violations committed during his tenure as prime minister.

Addressing Khairi, one of the activists said, “Before talking about the change, respond to the atrocities committed by you and your government against the Somali people, and what is your response to the Baidoa massacre and the kidnapping of presidential candidate Mukhtar Robow?”

Somali lawmakers and politicians had accused Farmajo, Khairy, and his government of committing a massacre against civilians in Baidoa at the end of 2018, against the background of the arrest of the candidate in the presidential elections in the southwestern state of Somalia, Mukhtar Robow, and government forces assaulted the demonstrators, and dozens of civilians were killed and injured, and hundreds of participants were arrested In the demonstration, state forces backed by Somali government forces and African forces participated in the commission of that crime.

Later, former Somali parliamentarian, Hassan Haj, announced that his lawyers would take the case to the International Criminal Court after completing the collection of evidence about the “massacre”, the massacre in which Farmajo, along with Khairy, became famous as criminals who deserved to be trialed and held accountably.
Other activists added, “What Khairy did, during his tenure as prime minister, is totally unacceptable. His government committed grave crimes such as extrajudicial killing, abuse of power, arrogance, and the siege of Mogadishu.” The search for change will continue until our country recovers from major setbacks.”

Observers emphasized that Farmajo has always sought, in his political decisions and appointments, to search for leaders with the specifications he wants, as he seeks to discover a puppet that serves his narrow political agendas and purposes at the expense of the national interest, and is not looking for competencies and is indifferent to the presence or responses of opposition forces from states, parties and the international community.

They also stressed that Farmajo is himself a puppet and does not move until he receives orders and directions from Doha, and if Qatar orders him to implement any scheme, it is known that he has no choice but to submit, and this is what is happening now with wide support from Qatar for Farmajo, and for its replacement man, Hassan Khairy. Qatar sees in them an opportunity to maintain its control over the joints of governance in Somalia.

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