The Somali government praises the UAE’s efforts to provide relief to those affected by the drought crisis

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The Somali government has commended the efforts of the United Arab Emirates and its people in terms of providing relief to the Somali people who are suffering from the severe drought that threatens the Jubaland region and several regions in the country.

Somali officials have more than once praised the UAE’s honorable stances towards the Somali people, which they affirmed come as a true expression of the extent of the attention paid by the UAE and its wise leadership to the situation of Somalis, and its relentless endeavor to spare them the scourge of wars and conflicts, noting that the UAE has spared no effort in carrying out its humanitarian duties towards the Somali people, and it never stopped helping him.

They stressed that the UAE’s positions are not strange to it and that it always provides a helping hand and is keen to provide aid and help the afflicted and the needy everywhere, stressing that the positions of the UAE always come at a time when the Somali people need the support and assistance to overcome their difficult circumstances.

For the fourth year in a row, Somalia is witnessing a scarcity of monsoon rains, but the year 2021 AD was the most severe, adding a new burden on the country.

At the beginning of last October, the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management announced that about 7.7 million citizens face dire humanitarian conditions due to drought, desert locusts, and the fluctuation of the rainy season, in addition to the repercussions of the Corona epidemic.

According to unofficial statistics, the drought has so far forced more than 100,000 villagers to flee their homes in search of water, while causing the death of about 60,000 livestock in the southern and central regions of Somalia.

On November 23, the Somali Prime Minister announced that his country had entered an emergency humanitarian situation due to the drought crisis that hit most of the country’s southern regions.

The United Arab Emirates has distributed urgent relief aid to those affected by the drought crisis in the villages and regions of the Jubaland region in southern Somalia.

In cooperation with the Al-Tawfiq Charitable Society and the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management in the region, the relief included more than 8,200 families in 16 different villages of Jubaland who benefited from the UAE humanitarian aid.

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