The UAE affirms its commitment to international cooperation to strengthen the stability of Somalia

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The United Arab Emirates affirmed, on Tuesday, its commitment to work and cooperate with the United Nations and the international community, to take joint measures to promote peace, prosperity, and stability in Somalia.

At a Security Council session on the situation in Somalia, the UAE commended the tireless efforts of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), the United Nations Support Office in Somalia, and the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia to provide the necessary support to Somalia.

In its speech, the UAE said that the Security Council meeting comes at a time when Somalia is suffering from difficult humanitarian, security, and environmental conditions that require comprehensive international efforts aimed at addressing all challenges.

Somalia situation


The UAE stressed the need to focus on supporting the political track as a basis for achieving sustainable peace in Somalia and encouraging all parties to participate in a positive dialogue, with priority given to holding comprehensive elections that meet the aspirations and hopes of the Somali people.

The UAE statement noted the positive developments that occurred in the political process, represented by holding elections for all Senate seats, the National Consultative Council reaching a consensus on electoral procedures, and their decision to expedite the holding of the People’s Assembly elections, by February 25.

The UAE statement also referred to the Secretary-General’s call, in his report on the importance of providing assistance to Somalia, in addressing security threats that prevent building sustainable peace in it, foremost of which is the terrorist Al-Shabab movement that continues to launch attacks and seeks to weaken the influence of the security forces, through its control of large parts of the territory in central and southern Somalia.

In a related context, the envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General in Somalia, Ambassador James Swan, and the head of the African Union Mission, Francisco Madeira, presented during the session a report to the Council on the ongoing electoral process and the security and humanitarian situation in the country.

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