The United Arab Emirates donates COVID-19 vaccines to the Somali state of Puntland

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The United Arab Emirates has delivered the Covid-19 vaccines to the commercial city of Bosaso in the state of Puntland in northeastern Somalia.

The Minister of Health in the state of Puntland, Dr. Jama Farah Hassan, along with officials from the Bosaso administration indicated that they received from the sisterly United Arab Emirates on Sunday a shipment of Covid-19 vaccines donated to Puntland, by the Emirates Red Crescent, expressing their happiness at the arrival of the shipment. She came at the right time.

The minister explained that the world is making great efforts to limit the spread of the Corona pandemic and ensure the delivery of vaccines to people, and indicated that his administration will begin distributing vaccines to the people of Puntland on Saturday, next.

The minister extended his thanks to the UAE, which has always helped Somalia in general and Puntland in particular, and also extended his thanks to the leadership of Puntland, in the forefront of which is President Saeed Abdullah Dni, who made great efforts in obtaining vaccinations for the state’s residents.

It is worth noting that Somalia is suffering these days from a new wave of the epidemic that has caused the death of many people in various Somali regions.

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