“5” Sudanese officials died when a ferry sank in the northern Sudanese city of Wadi Halfa

Khartoum | Times Of Sudan

“5” Sudanese officials were killed when a Nile ferry sank in the city of Wadi Halfa, in the far north of Sudan, according to our correspondent.

The reporter pointed out that rescue teams rescued 6 people from the same ferry, who were on their way to the Arqin crossing to receive the Minister of Interior who visited the crossing on the Sudanese-Egyptian border.

Sudanese media reported that those who were on board the ill-fated ferry were leaders of the security committee in the Halfa region, numbering 11 people, including the Halfa Police Director, the Executive Director, the Director of the Security Service, and an intelligence member.

The media confirmed that the sinking of the ferry was caused by bad weather.

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