A new violation by the Somali president in cooperation with the Prime Minister regarding the extension of his term

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Observers confirmed that Somali President Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo is playing the demonstrations postponement card to complete his plans.

Last Thursday, February 25, 2021, the outgoing federal government signed an agreement with the Council of Candidates’ Union, according to which the capital, Mogadishu, obtained relative political and security calm.

After the Candidates’ Union announced the postponement of the demonstrations last Friday, observers confirmed that an agreement had been reached between Farmajo and Muhammad Hussein Ruble, to make constitutional amendments aimed at extending the power of the president.

At the same time, the Interim Federal Government continues to stick to removing the Council from conferences and consultative meetings on managing the transitional phase or mobilizing and preparing for the demonstrations scheduled to take place after (10) days.

The agreement defused the political, media, and security escalation between the parties and created a stable political climate for Farmajo’s interest, enabling him to think and to make the necessary adjustments to achieve his next step.

Observers disagree on determining the party that achieved the largest share of its political goals through this agreement, the most prominent of which is the issue of the Federal Electoral Commissions, whose members are the majority of government employees and officers of the National Intelligence and Security Service, which puts a broad question mark on the neutrality of these committees and the extent of their credibility and ability in administering transparent elections. Free and fair!

Although some believe that the parliament’s agreement with the government represents a starting point for correcting the political course and removing everything that disturbs the political process, there are those who believe that this agreement is nothing more than an attempt to absorb the anger and stalling of the political opposition, and this sector is inferred from those who follow through agreements and understandings. That reached the federal government in earlier times with other political entities such as former President of Gilmuthah Ahmed Dalali Gilli Haf, who spoke a lot in the last days of his rule about the federal government’s violation of all its agreements with his administration, and he said similarly what the leaders of the Ahl al-Sunnah wal Jama’ah said of accusations. Violation of agreements to the federal government.

It is certain in advance, that Farmajo’s policies are variable and unstable, and therefore, it is possible at any moment that changes will occur by him that will put this agreement in the wind.

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