Covid-19 vaccination began in Khartoum State centers

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The Coronavirus vaccination campaign has started in Khartoum State centers.

The Federal Ministry of Health said that the priority in vaccination will be for health personnel and health field workers, because they are exposed to infection directly from patients or indirectly from materials contaminated with the virus.

The ministry added in a leaflet that to ensure the continuity of health services, health personnel and health field workers must be vaccinated against corona, because their injury limits their ability to provide service to patients.

The Ministry has identified the groups most vulnerable to corona infection, and they are people over 60 years of age and who suffer from chronic diseases.

The Federal Ministry of Health published a list of chronic diseases that are most susceptible to infection with #Corona virus for people who are infected with them and have priority vaccination, namely:

1. Diabetes.
2. Respiratory diseases.
3. Heart disease, blood pressure and arteries.
4. Kidney disease.
5. Liver disease.
6. Cancers.
7. Immunodeficiency diseases.
8. Obesity.
9. Sickle cell anemia.

The Federal Ministry of Health called on the owners of these groups to go immediately to receive the vaccination.

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