How did Qatar Drones fund the Iranian Revolutionary Guards?

Money smuggling .. fake companies .. indirect deals

Investigation | Times of Sudan 

In the middle of last year, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced that it had acquired a “Miraj” drone, and over the course of a year, the Drones continued their terrorist operations against Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

What does Qatar have to do with it?

Iran announced the development of marches months after the killing of Qassem Soleimani, and Qatar paid a large ransom to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard after targeting Soleimani, from the Al Udeid base.

Intelligence reports revealed that Doha’s money was used to develop Iranian drones, and American intelligence security officer Jason J. revealed that Qatar financed the Iranian “Shahid 129” plane, and tempted him with 750,000 euros bribe in exchange for Doha handing over documents that reveal its involvement.

The British newspaper, The National, revealed that Qatar funded Al-Houthi in the same year to develop the drone, on the orders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to support it after its retreat in Yemen, and mentioned that an American team provided information to an international committee investigating the delivery of equipment to Al-Houthi.

The newspaper confirmed that the US team has information about the Qatari officials involved and their access to documents related to money transfers and gold shipments that Qatar used to help the Houthis buy the drones.

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