Study: 74% of Sudanese fear the collapse of the Renaissance Dam

Khartoum | Times of Sudan 

A study revealed that 74% of Sudanese fear the collapse of the Renaissance Dam because there are no guarantees that it is safe for their country, while the study confirmed that about 64% are facing challenges from the dam due to lack of water.

Dr. Nihal Gamal El-Din explained, in a paper entitled Renaissance Dam, a sustainable struggle or sustainable development, which she presented at the “Renaissance Dam Opportunities and Risks” workshop, which was organized yesterday by Al-Zaeem Al-Azhari University at its headquarters in cooperation with SUNA News Agency.

She explained in the paper that 1% of the citizens, according to the study, do not trust Egypt because it does not take into account Sudan’s interest in the negotiation processes, while the vote was slightly more for Ethiopia at 28%, while 65% believe that there are no interests for the country by the two countries.

Dr. Nihal added: The government’s position on its decisions regarding the dam process is vacillating, at a rate of 76%, according to the citizens’ vision in the study.

For his part, Ambassador Khaled Farah, stressed that the Renaissance Dam project has economic gains by making use of the quantities of wasted water, and demanded the need for a binding law to guarantee these gains.

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