The Somali presidency confirms that the former director of the Somali intelligence agency has been tied up at Djibouti airport

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The Somali presidency confirmed today, Friday, that the former director of the Somali Intelligence Agency, Fahd Yassin, who was recently appointed by the outgoing Somali President Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo, as his national security adviser, has been confined at Djibouti airport.

The presidency said in a statement: “The Somali federal government regrets the government of Djibouti’s violation of the rights of travelers and international law by restricting the Somali President’s National Security Adviser and his officials at Djibouti airport. “

“We urge the government of Djibouti to facilitate their travel and confirm that it bears full responsibility for any damage to their personal security, and we denounce this overt interference, which is a violation of the relations between the two brotherly countries and peoples,” the statement added.

The statement continued, “The National Security Adviser to the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Fahd Yassin, was scheduled to attend the National Security Conference, which will be held tomorrow, September 18, 2021 in Mogadishu.”

This comes at a time when the Turkish Airlines flight to the Somali capital, Mogadishu, was canceled, after stopping in Djibouti, and sources spoke of conflicting military movements at Mogadishu airport, after reports that the former director of the intelligence agency was on his way to the Somali capital.

It should be noted that Fahd Yassin, among four officials of the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency NISA, was filed against them by the military prosecution by the family of Ikram Tahlil Farah, who was working in the intelligence agency and who disappeared in late June, and the agency announced after Two months after her disappearance, Al-Shabab kidnapped and killed her, and the Ikram case led to the acting Somali Prime Minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble, dismissing the agency’s director, Fahd Yassin, and this resulted in a severe political crisis and a power struggle between him and the outgoing president, Mohamed Abdullah Farmago.

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