Broad calls for a boycott of telecommunications companies specifically (Zain)

Khartoum | Times Of Sudan

Groups on social media called on citizens to boycott Sudanese telecom companies, specifically Zain.

The boycott calls indicated that the chip should be removed from the phone today Friday, for a period of 5 hours as a blow, starting from five in the evening until ten in the evening.

The groups called for the need to permanently remove the chip from the phone at the specified time, and this will cost the company huge money because during this period it worked to increase prices in recent years to reach unprecedented prices this year.

These increases affected all Sudanese people, especially employees, low-income workers, and students.

A number of citizens complained about their inability to conduct transactions, and when they inquired about the reason from the banks, they were asked about the telecom company they use on the Internet, so they were using MTN, so they told them that the applications would only work through activation via (Zain).

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