26 tons of UAE humanitarian aid to Somalia

In furtherance of its humanitarian role aimed at alleviating the suffering of the Somali people

Mogadishu | Times of Sudan

His Excellency Mohamed Hussein Robley, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, received a 26-ton Emirati humanitarian aid plane.

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Robley praised the Emirati humanitarian role aimed at alleviating the suffering of the Somali people. Robley thanked and appreciated the UAE for its efforts in supporting the Somali people in various humanitarian, relief and development fields.

It is worth noting that the political leaders in Somalia were, along with Prime Minister Robley, in receiving humanitarian aid.

The UAE is considered a pioneer in implementing its commitments in the field of official development assistance to the least developed countries.

The humanitarian aid provided by the UAE is not related to the political orientations of the countries benefiting from it, nor to geographical location, race, color, sect or religion. Rather, it primarily takes into account the humanitarian aspect, which is represented in the needs of peoples, poverty reduction, eradication of hunger, and building Development projects for everyone who needs them, and establishing relationships with the recipient and donor countries to achieve sustainable development goals.

This humanitarian policy of the UAE embodies the practical application of its culture of tolerance and moderation.

This methodology is a legacy rooted in the UAE’s foreign policy, which was initiated by the late, the founding builder, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, as well as the UAE Vision 2021, and its contribution to strengthening the UAE’s position on the international scene.

Somalia was and still is one of the countries to which the United Arab Emirates sent humanitarian and development aid.

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority has implemented a relief program to enhance its response to the humanitarian situation in Somalia, as an extension of the UAE’s relief and development initiatives on the Somali arena.

And the UAE has sent aid planes containing thousands of tons of humanitarian aid, medical supplies and examination devices to Somalia, and aid to support the efforts of 7,000 medical workers, and enhance their capabilities to confront the spread of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

The UAE’s interest in the humanitarian situation in Somalia is not new. Rather, it has been going on for decades. It comes within the framework of the role played by the UAE to reduce human suffering around the world, from a purely humanitarian perspective and is not linked to gender, race or sect. Rather, its features define the human need wherever It was supportive and supportive.

The continuation of humanitarian aid confirms that the UAE’s support for Somalia continues at a time when the Somali arena is in dire need of support and support for those affected by the conditions in their country.

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