A deputy accuses Farmajo of trying to block the agreement between the government and the opposition

Mogadishu | Times Of Sudan

MP Mahd Salad, accused outgoing President Muhammad Abdullah Farmajo, of trying to obstruct the agreement reached by the Somali government and the Union of Opposition Candidates.

Salad indicated that Farmajo’s call to hold a consultative meeting in Mogadishu on the fourth of this March aimed at disrupting the demonstrations that the government and the opposition agreed to hold.

The deputy said: “If Farmajo wants to obstruct the demonstrations scheduled to take place on Saturday, then what prevents them from presenting and holding them on Wednesday or Thursday.”

It is noteworthy that the Acting Prime Minister Muhammad Hussain Robli and the leaders of the Candidates’ Union agreed yesterday evening to form a committee to prepare for the demonstrations that the opposition intends to hold in Mogadishu.

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