Critical information about the recovered “Palestinian Hamas” company

has funded the movement with billions of dollars and is involved in money laundering and currency trading

Khartoum | Times Of Sudan

The “Al Rakouba” obtained critical information related to the “Al Rowad” real estate development company, which was recovered by the Empowerment Removal Committee the day before yesterday, Sunday.

And reliable security information showed that the company is one of the investments of the Palestinian Islamic Hamas movement in Sudan and has arms in a large number of Arab countries, especially the Arab Gulf states.

The information indicated that the company, which has been operating in Sudan since 2007, has many business names, and several other companies participate in it that carry out terrorist activities, money laundering, foreign exchange trading, finance billions of dollars in Hamas activities, and operate without investment licenses.

The company had built the largest housing complex of 50 buildings in the national capital, Khartoum, west of Rumaila, at a cost of $ 50 million.

The US Treasury Department handed over to Sudan’s transitional government a huge file on the funds and activities of the company, which has links to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and terrorist groups that originate from Sudan.

The American report revealed that the company and its shareholding companies represent a commercial cover behind which the Palestinian Hamas operatives and leaders conceal the movements that set out from Khartoum to conduct suspicious deals to finance terrorist and commercial activities.

According to the American report, the Attorney General wrote a communication No. (8) for the year 2020 AD, under Article 36, financing of terrorism against five companies, which are Al-Rowad Real Estate Development, Al-Faiha Financial Transfer Company, Hassan Al-Abed Roads and Bridges Company, Shafco Development Company Ltd., and Paradise Tourist Hotel.

The Public Prosecution office also issued an urgent decision to seize all bank balances of companies and business names in addition to individuals, namely Muhammad Hani Muhammad Fuad Al-Baghdadi, Ayman Mahmoud Al-Shama, Muhammad Muhammad Shafiq Al-Ghara, Imad al-Din Mamdouh Abu Hinda, Muhammad Basil Ahmad Khair Haider, and Khaled Abdul-Rahman Al-Skyab. And Muhammad Amer Abu Hinda.

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